Located next to the pool, the 'Flavours Lakana' restaurant offers national and international cuisine.
The Bar "The Tsingy Bar" you can enjoy delicious cocktails before a beautiful sunset.
The sofas and chairs around the pool will make a perfect place for aperitifs before meals.

restaurant coteouest-Rosewood

STARTERS 16 000 Ar

Grilled shrimp, coulis of passion fruits,
rice, salad

Fish soup flavored with anis,, served with bred crusts

Carpaccio of fish marinated with olive oil
and green lemon

Seafood salad served with vinaigrette,flavored with caper

Soft creamy of eggplant,, seafood sauce,vegetables

Pork salad served, with pineapple pure

MAIN DISH 18 000 Ar

Malagasy dish with mixed vegetables,seafood and meat, rice

Goat meat tart,with coriander served with vegetables

Zebu filet with peppercorn sauce, sautéed potatoes,green beans with garlic

Fried of tuna fish,beans with pistou sauce

Sautéed shrimps and fish with garlic and fresh herbs,spiced sauce, soft creamy of leeks, rice

Fresh lobster, served with sautéed vegetable, rice "sup 30 000 Ar 450 gr"

DESSERT 12 000 Ar

Coconut and chocolate iced ice cream

Soft creamy custard tart hidden under a brittle sheet of caramelized brown sugar

Crumble of pears poached in red wine,and whipped cream

Custard of bavarois-caramel,yellow egg sauce flavored with vanilla

Lemon tart served with tomatoes and pineapple coulis

Profiteroles, with ice cream and fruits pure

Fried banana whit spicy aroma,cacao sauce served with almond chips

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