Hôtel le Palissandre Côte Ouest Resort & Dry Kirindy forest Spa

29 Apr No comment phill News of Palissandre Côte Ouest

The West Coast Palissandre Resort & Spa is ideally situated on the beach of Nosy Kely, at the mouth of the lagoon.

It offers a view of paradise on the Mozambique Channel and same seafront, It represents an ideal starting point for excursions to discover the territory of Morondava. A site not to be missed during your passage is dry Kirindy forest.

This forest is located north of Morondava approximately 64 km from the city. Visits are possible overnight, because the majority of the animals that live there are fond of particular outputs nocturnes. Nevertheless, it should be noted that a visit to day is also recommended to admire the beauty of the forest and discover its flora.

Kirindy forest encompasses all 8 species of lemurs including Sifaka that comes out of his hiding place between 7 and 9 o'clock in the morning. We must therefore be morning to admire. It is also the habitat of 23 species of reptiles all of which are endemic, mammals and rodents of any kind and the famous "Fosa» of Madagascar, which is today the largest carnivore of the big island. The forest also hosts most of 47 bird species whose 33 species are endemic.

In addition to its wildlife, its flora is also worth a visit. Kirindy forest is home to many precious trees like rose wood or rosewood and three varieties of baobabs namely the Renala, the Dan and Za Grande.
At Kirindy forest, you will also have the chance to discover various sites in route to the Avenue of the baobabs, love baobab and the sacred baobab.