Excursions and Relaxation in Morondava

The Avenue of the Baobabs

For local, baobab, which draws its roots to the sky, mother of the forest. It is omnipresent throughout West, density in the Menabe is amazing. Alley of Baobabs, hedge plant honor, enough to convince. Of 9 identified species, 7 grow only in Madagascar. This famous lane begins to 15 km around the outlet Morondava, Antananarivo on the road. Large baobabs, majority of a single variety, l Andansonia grandidieri, succeed and are arranged on both sides of the passage. A photo safari is very interesting especially during sunset as it offers a unique view through pink and blue reflections that rise on the horizon.

National Park Tsingy Bemaraha

The park is accessible from Morondava; distance 200 Km is to go. The main attraction of the park remains focused on the discovery of its Tsingy, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Aside from the Tsingy, the park is composed of the river gorge Manambolo, de forêts, lakes and mangroves. The park is also rich in endemic fauna; one can note the presence of 13 species of lemur, 54 reptile species, 15 species of bats and other.

Le Menabe

Visit the southern West, le Menabe, is to feel the influence of continental Africa and meet the royal culture sakalava. It is also exploring the social dance kilalaky, the river Tsiribihina, lagoons leeward, baobabs of dry deciduous forest and incredible Tsingy.

Nécropoles sakavala du Menabe

Erotic statuary of these tombs is the perfect incarnation of the founding myth. Because each Sakalava is an ancestor become, visiting cemeteries Menabe is uplifting. Attend their rites or visit their cemeteries, What better introduction to the Malagasy cosmogony ?


For those who will transition to Morondava, Belo-sur-mer, a pleasant fishing village about 80 Km south of Morondava, is a small paradise for those seeking tranquility in an attractive setting. This site has a long beach bordered by transparent waters. It is a tropical aquarium where you can go scuba diving. The sea surface also provides an ideal plan for kiteboarding. However, it is difficult to swim because the water is as important over the Mozambique Channel.